One-to-one consultations/coaching/reflection for adults and young people

Making it alone is always hard – it’s much easier if you have some company along the way!

And sometimes you need a little extra “push” from the outside to help you break away from that well-trodden path and open yourself up to new thoughts, ideas and possibilities.

Ask GEIGER EVOLUTION for help if you need to make decisions about:

  • Resigning or changing jobs
  • Support during outplacement or redeployment
  • Looking for a new job/apprenticeship position
  • An application process
  • Personal challenges
  • Changing direction
  • Our confidential, solution-focused approach will support you during “challenging” times in your personal or professional life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” (Laozi)

Seize the opportunity and together we’ll guide you through the first steps of your journey!