Discover what astute wine-growing could possibly have to do with your role as a manager…

 “Nourishing and nurturing”

“Side shoots and other features of viticulture”

“Lifecycle – natural cycle – letting things run their course”

 Indulge your senses and allow yourself to be inspired! Enjoy toying with different ideas and taking part in discussions about the topic of management… …all in the relaxing surroundings of a vineyard – where the atmosphere is guaranteed to be calm, yet focused and business-oriented.

Experience at first hand the passion, frustration and joy that are part and parcel of running your own business. Centered around viticulture, expansion and hailstorms, the discussion will be moderated and enriched by our hosts, the experienced wine growers themselves, as well as Bruno Geiger and Sabine Grebien.

 You’ll be amazed at how many valuable motivational tips you’ll take away with you that you can use every day in your managerial role, family life or association.

 Our current partners for company seminars:

Weinbau Ottiger, Kastanienbaum/Lucerne
Weingut Lenz, Iselisberg, Uesslingen/Frauenfeld
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 Workshops organized and moderated by:

Bruno Geiger and Sabine Grebien